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    Mexico around the world. The best products from farm to fork.
    by Mexbest , 14-11-2017

      About 160 countries in the world consume Mexican agri-food products because of their high value and the work of 120 million Mexicans reflects this.  There has been a 10% annual growth in exportation in the last decade since the rest of the world has set eyes on ...

    Mexico on the top. Mexican agri-food products that conquer the world.
    by Mexbest , 01-11-2017

      Mexico has experienced an exponential growth in the export of agri-food products due to their distinctive flavor, which has captivated palates all over the world and has made the trade balance register its highest level in the last decade.  The agri-food exports showed a 10% annual growth ...

    The North American Free Trade Agreement negotiation
    by Mexbest , 14-10-2017

      The North American Free Trade Agreement negotiation rounds have been developed over two months in which the involved countries have worked in four core themes: Strengthening North America’s competitiveness. Moving towards a more inclusive and responsible regional trade. Benefiting from the 21st century economy to embrace innovation and avoid ...

    Know the mexican export products, season by season.
    by Mexbest , 12-10-2017

      Agri-food products are seasonal, depending on the time of the year. This temporality is subject to the production level guided by climatic conditions. Even though technological advances had allowed that during all the year the majority of export products exist, always will be a high season ...

    The Demand of Mexican Organic products in the World
    by Mexbest , 31-05-2017

        Our country is the fourth global producer of organic food, with 2.3 million of products and 169 thousand hectares. The 85% of these products is exported, mainly to the United States, Japan and the European Union. The organic, ecologic, and biologic agriculture is defined as a system of ...


    The Growth of Agricultural Products Exportations during the Current Administration
    by Mexbest , 26-05-2017

      The efforts done by governmental instances, producers and exporters have favorable results regarding exportations of agricultural products during these last years. The Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA by its acronyms in Spanish) reported that in the first trimester of 2016 the ...

    Agrifood products in which Mexico is Global Leader
    by Mexbest , 16-05-2017

      In 2016 our country reached the biggest number of exportation in its history. Beer, avocado and tequila remain represented with high quality our country.   There are various factors that make that Mexico is an exporting power; its geographic position, diverse trade agreements, and, of course, the nearness with ...

    Principal Producing States of Mexico
    by Mexbest , 30-04-2017

      Mexico is the 12th place in the global ranking of food production, the 13th in agricultural crops, and 11th in primary cattle. These numbers are the result of national producers work that, day by day, put the name of our country high, with their work and ...

    Mexican Agri-food Products Are Making New Paths to Different Destinations.
    by Mexbest , 21-04-2017

      Conditions generated by the current government of the United States invite to look for new routes. China, Japan, Australia and the Arabic Countries are delighting, more and more, of the “Made in Mexico” products.  2016 was an important year for the national agrialimentary sector, the exportation of our ...

    Commercial Relations between Mexico and South-America
    by Mexbest , 19-04-2017

      •    Our country has seven Free Trade Agreements with South American nations. •    Moreover it has five minor agreements with the same number of South American countries. Mexico is one of the countries with more Free Trade Agreements in the world, thanks to this our country has agreements ...


    The Trade Relationship between Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
    by Mexbest , 31-03-2017

      Mexico is a country that has trade relationship with 49 countries throughout agreements and treaty around the world, with the objective of broaden its markets and strengthen its economy. One of the agreements is the one that it has with Central America, which is part of ...

    NAFTA, a Subject under construction
    by Mexbest , 27-03-2017

      The current state of the relationship between Mexico and its neighboring country has created a rethinking of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by its three parties. Even though there is not an exact date, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs announced that in the middle ...

    Support to the Mexican Field, a Priority for the Economic Strengthening.
    by Mexbest , 15-03-2017

    ​   Regarding with the Mexican agroalimentary production, the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP, by its acronyms in Spanish) considers seven detonator programs in order to obtain results in the short and medium term. In accordance with the Project of Expenditures Budget 2017, the seven fundamental programs ...

    Made in Mexico, a Brand with Tradition
    by Mexbest , 06-03-2017

      Foster and consume Mexican products is a commitment of all. In 1978, the first logotype “Made in Mexico” was conceived.   International trade is an opportunity for the interchange of goods and products between countries, in order to generate a growth on their economies. This global market, today more ...

    Mexican Avocado at the Super Bowl
    by Mexbest , 28-02-2017

      Avocado production in Mexico represents more than 30% of the worldwide production. During Super Bowl 35 thousand tons of avocado are consumed in the United States. Mexico is the main producer of avocado because it produces 7 out of 10 fruits, which are consumed around the world. Avocado ...


    Mexico – China Relationship: A Possibility of Commercial Growth and Strengthening.
    by Mexbest , 21-02-2017

      •    China is the third export destination and the second supplier of Mexico. •    Mexico exported to this Asian country an amount of 4,885 MM. Given the current situation of trade and political relations between Mexico and the United States, it is time to strengthen trade relations with ...

    The Competitive and Comparative Advantages of Mexican Products in the face of International Trade.
    by Mexbest , 31-01-2017

      Mexico occupies the 12th place of food production, globally. It exports to more than 150 countries.   The current situation of Mexico forces producers to expand and strengthen its commercial liaisons beyond its neighbors. The first step is to recognize its competitive advantages under international trade. Starting from basics, Mexico ...

    The trade relationship of Agrifood Products between Mexico and Europe.
    by Mexbest , 20-01-2017

      It is true that the United States of America is our first commercial partner, but there is a region of the world that has an important trade relationship with Mexico, it is the European Union (EU). Since 2000 Mexico and the EU has a Free Trade ...

    Mexico Exports during the Second Trimester 2016
    by Mexbest , 10-01-2017

      During April to June of the last year, exportations of Mexican agri-food products presented a huge escalation, which will be reflected on final results 2016. This year was a historic year for our sector, a strategic section for our country economy. Global market is really interesting on ...

    Balance of Trade of Agri-food Products Between Mexico and United States in the First Trimester of 2016
    by Mexbest , 29-12-2016

      •    It was obtained 30,326 million dollars of non-oil exports. •    The fishing and agricultural exports registered an augmentation of 4.5% of the annual rate. The appropriate information about international markets favors a suitable planning for exportation inversion. It is important to bear in mind that the balance ...


    Main Export Destination of Mexican Products.
    by Mexbest , 21-12-2016

      Due to its strategic geographic location Mexico is a privileged country for international trade, situation that favours it in order to be in the top ten of production and exportation global rankings of some agri-food products. Beer is an example of the commercial projection of Mexican products. ...

    First Trimester of Mexico Exportations
    by Mexbest , 02-10-2016

      Our country is the 12th main food producer in the world. The flavour and quality of Mexican agri-food products has got a place in 150 destinies worldwide.    At the end of 2015, Mexico had a surplus of 1,289 million dollars in the agri-food sector; definitely, it was a ...

    Free Trade Agreements: A Benefit for All
    by Mexbest , 01-10-2016

      Mexico is a global leader on free trade agreements signs. The objective of the commercial strategy is the market diversification and to attract a major inversion. A good example of this kind of treaty is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). For the Secretary of Economy ...

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  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Free Trade Agreement with Chile
  • Free Trade Agreement with European Union
  • Free Trade Agreement with The North Triangle
  • Free Trade Agreement with AELC Countries


  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Free Trade Agreement with Chile
  • Free Trade Agreement with European Union
  • Free Trade Agreement with The North Triangle
  • Free Trade Agreement with AELC Countries
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  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Free Trade Agreement with Chile
  • Free Trade Agreement with European Union
  • Free Trade Agreement with The North Triangle
  • Free Trade Agreement with AELC Countries