SAGARPA promotes products certified Mexico Supreme Quality in Japan

09-11-2012 15:55:00

SAGARPA and food business operators involved in the "Mexican Food Fair" in Tokyo, Japan, which has become the third best destination for exports of Mexican agricultural and fishery products, with a value in this 2012 is estimated to exceed 900 MDD.


Mexico City, November 8, 2012

With the organization of the event "Mexican Food Fair" in Tokyo, Japan, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) and Mexican business sector in that country foods promote food products certified Mexico Supreme Quality seal.

Japan has become the third best destination for exports of Mexican agricultural and fishery products, with a value in this 2012 is estimated to exceed $ 900 million, said the General Coordinator of Trade Promotion and Export Development, Gabriel Padilla Maya, to attend the opening on behalf of the Secretary Francisco Mayorga Castañeda.

During his participation stated that this growth is a clear example of the opportunity that represents Asia as diversification option niche for Mexican products, and the trade balance is positive only in 2011 the trade surplus for Mexico represented a total value of 688.6 million dollars.

The aim of this week's culinary wider dissemination and positioning of products certified by Mexico Supreme Quality between importers, distributors, restaurants, supermarkets, media and general public of the Japanese market, the official stressed SAGARPA.

Padilla Maya said there is interest not only to meet the needs of the Japanese market, but also to offer the best Mexican food products, with high standards of safety and quality.

He added that in parallel recognizes the work of Mexico Supreme Quality, directed by Juan Laborin, which in 2012 will support more than 54,000 producers to obtain the quality certificate MCS and meet certification requirements and demanding international markets .

He explained that in the last year of Mexico's exports to Japan increased significantly to achieve the following records: pork with 46,822 tons and a market value of 256.1 million dollars, avocado, 33,275 tons (85.6 MDD) , beef, 1,772 (71.7 MDD), melon, 18,380 (13.1 MDD) unroasted coffee, 3,256 (18.9 MDD), and orange juice, over four thousand (14.1 MDD) and other .

During Food Week "Mexican Food Fair" which will run from 6 to 10 November at the Hotel Imperial-was also the delivery of awards "Mexico Calidad Suprema" importers and a workshop tasting Mexican dishes, which attended by about 80 participants between food buyers and managers of major hotels and restaurants in the food service in Tokyo, a city that registers 350 restaurants to promote the purchase and consumption of Mexican products.

The workshop (prepared by Mexican chef Kurczyn Sylvia, who makes his eighth appearance in Japan promoting Mexican products) on this occasion included the use of products such as avocado, blue fin tuna, pumpkin cabocha, prickly pear, lemon, tea Mitla brown sugar, pork, beef, asparagus, mango, lemon, peppers, corn, salt and traditional spices.

The dishes were themes to showcase how to merge textures, flavors and Japanese style, and were made with ingredients typical of different regions of Mexico, Mexico Supreme Quality certified.

As part of this meeting, the attendees also tasted tequila, with which the taster Mexican Marco Dominguez, from De Agave Co in Japan, said the protection of designation of origin in Mexico's Tequila region and properties of this drink.

He also described the differences in the presentations of premium tequilas, rested and white.

The Ambassador of Mexico to Japan, Claude Heller, said that with the recent visit to Japan SAGARPA holder, Francisco Mayorga Castañeda, confidence was evident and prevalent open collaboration between the authorities of both countries for the entry of Mexican food High quality Japanese market.

The diplomat said that a recent example of this has been the recognition of the Japanese Government to the Central West of Mexico as free of classical swine fever.

He stated that this will double in the short term, exports of Mexican pork to Japan and thus exceed 80 thousand tons of sales to that market.

The event gave 20 awards to Japanese importers of Mexican products certified, which recognizes the trust of those who promote and spread the use of Mexican products in that country.

Among the participants are the Chief Minister of Agriculture of Mexico in Japan, Héctor Cortés Gómez -Rueda, and Promexico representative in Japan, Rodolfo Esau Garza de la Vega.